Outdoor Fun for You and Your Dog

It's a wonderful time for some outdoor fun and exercise with your dog! Remember to keep your dog hydrated, so bring along plenty of water.

Here are a few activities for you and your dog:

Dog Parks
The DMV is jam-packed with great dog parks. Dog parks are wonderful for practicing good manners and positive exposures to people, places, and other dogs. Typically they are safely and securely fenced and require that you clean up after your dog. Make sure you check in advance to see if a leash is required in the park. Some even have rivers or fountains where your dog may take a dip and cool off. Usually they supply water fountains, however, we recommend that you bring along your own water supply as backup.

Here are a few dog parks in our local area: James Hunter Park in Clarendon, Shirlington Dog ParkBenjamin Banneker ParkGlencarlyn ParkFort Barnard Dog ParkNational MallGlover Park Dog ParkShaw Dog Park, and S Street Dog Park.

Recommended classes and workshops: Walk and Train, Distracted Dog, Dog Reactive, People Reactive, and Social Manners.

Hiking is an enjoyable way to challenge your dog. It's a great way to make your daily walks together extra exciting. Be sure to make sure the park or trail is dog-friendly. Some local dog-friendly suggestions to try out are the Potomac Heritage TrailFour Mile Run Trail, and Mount Vernon Trail. Remember that your dog's paws are as sensitive as our feet, so try to go in the morning or evening when the ground will be cooler. A good test to make sure it is safe for your dog is to touch the ground with your hand or foot and see if it is too hot for you. Too hot for you means it's too hot for your dog. Also, watch for rough surfaces to make sure your dog has a pleasant experience. Now pick up that leash and get on the trail!

Recommended classes and workshops: Walk and Train, Leash Manners, and City Walks.

Biking is great exercise for both owners and dogs. There are bike attachments that allow the dog to run more freely without getting hurt by getting too close to the bike. Remember that your dog may tire out, so remember to take breaks and stay hydrated.

Fetch is an engaging activity for most dogs. Some fun objects to use for a game of fetch are Frisbees, tennis balls, or other safe pet-friendly toys.

Jogging can be great exercise for many dogs. You may want to use a hands-free leash, so that your jog with your dog is pleasant and safe. It'll help your dog stay by your side while you keep your jogging form.

Hide-And-Seek with a toy or treat can be a fun challenge for your dog. Try hiding a treat behind a tree and ask your dog to go find it. An extra challenge could be placing the treat in a glove or pillow case before hiding it.

Recommended classes and workshops: K9 Nose Work.

Remember to take caution in any activity you do and consult a veterinarian with any health concerns about your canine. Exercising in a fun outdoor setting can be extremely beneficial for your dog, so grab that exercise gear and head for the great outdoors!