What is Tellington TTouch® ?

Tellington TTouch® is a unique and holistic way of living and working with animals. Inspired by the Feldenkrais Method for people, Linda Tellington-Jones developed TTouch as a bodywork method for horses. Over four decades, TTouch has grown immensely and evolved into a specialized approach to the care and training of companion animals and humans, as well as horses. At this time, it is taught and practiced by over 1,000 practitioners in 30 countries.

TTouch is often described, inaccurately, as massage. While it does help animals physically relax, the effects go much further, influencing their emotional and mental states. With TTouch, we have new ways to help them overcome their specific challenges, with more confidence and calmness.

The four elements of TTouch are special touches, wraps, movements, and equipment. Alone and in combination, these tools release tension, alter posture, and improve balance. This happens by creating awareness, the first step in the process of change.

When animals (and humans!) feel safe, they are able to think and learn a better response, instead of reacting in a habitual, emotional way. We often see dramatic changes in behavior, as well as in health and mobility. Owners also report more success with training and performance.

Changing the way we relate to our dogs is part of the magic of TTouch. Students at trainings often burst into tears at the end of the six days—not just because they are tired(!), but because they are seeing their dog with different eyes and learning a gentler and more effective way of communicating.

TTouch promotes greater understanding and respect for our animal companions, along with an attitude of cooperation. As a result, they learn to trust us more, and our connection deepens.

Among the common behavioral issues that TTouch can resolve are:

A complete resource is the Tellington TTouch Training website, at www.ttouch.com. There you will find links to Youtube videos, the newsletter, Linda’s blog, supportive studies, and much more.

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