DIY Dog Wash

We wanted our pricing to be as simple as possible. One price for every dog. It's the same for small dogs, big dogs, heavy dogs, short hair dogs, and long hair dogs. You get 30 minutes in a tub with access to all of our supplies. Have two dogs? Wash them back to back in the same tub for one price. If you are doing more than a straight wash, you can purchase more time.

Join our Suds Club

We have a special Suds Club program for frequent pet bath users. There is no cost to join. Just ask for a membership card the next time you bring your dog in to get a wash. Your card gets punched with each wash and your 10th wash is FREE.

Each standard wash includes the following:

Standard Wash Price
YOU Wash YOU Wash - we provide the supplies, you do the work!
  • 30 minutes wash time
  • Choice of earthbath® shampoos:
    • Fragrance: Mango Tango (2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner)
    • Fragrance: Puppy (mild with cherry scent)
    • Fragrance: Coat Brightener (lavender scent)
    • Odor Control & Natural Flea & Tick: Mediterranean (rosemary)
    • Odor Control & Natural Flea & Tick: Orange Oil
    • Odor Control & Natural Flea & Tick: Eucalyptus & Peppermint
    • Skin Issues: Hypo-allergenic (allergies)
    • Skin Issues: Oatmeal & Aloe Vera (itching and dry skin)
  • Grooming tools (combs, brushes, scissors, clippers, styptic powder)
  • Wash supplies (apron, cool air dryer, towels, shammies)
  • Ear Wipes
  • Eye Wipes
  • After Wash Spritz
Add Ons Price
Deshedding - in addition to the YOU Wash we provide a special deshedding shampoo, deshedding conditioner, and deshedding tools $10
Extra Time - if 30 minutes is not enough time, you can purchase additional time in 15 minute increments $7
Nail Trim - we will trim your dog’s nails for you $12