Day Training Program

Let us do the training for you!

The day training program allows for a member of our dog training team to work individually with your dog on basic obedience behaviors while your dog attends our daycare. Our trainers are Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT). Day Training is the perfect solution when:

  • You do not have time to train your dog all on your own
  • You want to speed up the learning process - a skilled trainer can work faster and accomplish more in a shorter amount of time by working directly with your dog
  • You want customized training for you and your dog
  • You want to focus on specific target behaviors of your choice

The focus of the day training program is to transition the behaviors we teach the dog, to you, so you can continue to build on them while practicing these exercises at home. We will proof the behaviors for added reliability, but long term success requires continuous practice and reinforcement, even after the day training program has ended. Once you've completed the day training program, you can continue to reinforce those behaviors by signing up for Manners Practice sessions, where a member of our dog daycare team will work with your dog in short 10 minute sessions while attending daycare.

These are the two options we offer:

  • Day training AT OUR DOG DAYCARE - we will first need to schedule a dog evaluation and have your dog attend daycare for an observation day. This ensures your dog is comfortable in the daycare environment. There is no charge for this, it is included in the cost of your day training package. If you are boarding with us, we do not charge for daycare which is included in the cost of your day training package, however there is an additional overnight charge of $30.
  • Day training AT YOUR HOME – we will come to your home to train your dog while you are at work or away for the day.  We will need you to provide 2 sets of keys at the initial meeting so that we may access your home.  Must reside within our training service area.


  • Each session is 45 minutes and costs $90.  You decide how many training sessions and transition sessions.  We require an initial day training consult and final transition meeting.
  • A typical day training client may book 5 sessions: the first is the initial consult, 3 training sessions, and a final transition meeting.  This package would cost $450.

The process:

  1. Daycare evaluation - If you are seeking day training at our dog daycare and your dog has not attended our daycare, your dog will first have to go through a daycare evaluation and attend an observation day of daycare before we can begin the Day Training Program. This is to ensure your dog is daycare friendly and will be fine in our playgroups. The cost of the dog evaluation and observation day of daycare is included in the price of the Day Training. Note: If your dog fails the evaluation there is no extra charge.
  2. Initial Consult - During the 45 minute initial consult, we will talk about the use of training methods. We will review your goals in more detail and discuss how the day training program will work. We will get more detailed information about your dog. We will set a schedule and training plan. The trainer will also provide you some advice you can immediately begin working on at home to aide in the training process. This discussion may occur by phone for dog daycare day training clients but must be in person with at home day training clients so that we may obtain keys, review your home, and where the dog will be located when a trainer comes to your home to conduct training sessions.
  3. Training Sessions – Each training session is 45 minutes. The goal of these sessions will be to work on basic obedience behaviors (ie reduced jumping, response to sits, downs, touch, attention while around distractions, leash manners, recalls).  We will initiate the training process with food and then fade the food lures to transition to cues. We will then proof the behaviors so they are easily transferable to you, meaning we will ensure your dog understands what is being asked in different contexts and in different environments (e.g. inside and outside).   NOTE: If during the course of the training sessions, the trainer finds that your dog requires more behavioral work (ie general socialization, confidence building, reactivity, etc) the day training program may not be the most suitable training service.  While a trainer can work on behavioral training with your dog, it is critical that you be involved in the process and the trainer may recommend private at home training instead so that you are present for the training. If you are bringing your dog to our daycare the cost of daycare is free. A trainer will pull your dog out of daycare to work with them individually at some point during the day.  It is important that you arrive to daycare no later than 9am and the dog remains here until 5pm.
  4. Transition Meeting - A 45 minute meeting to transition what the trainer has been working on with your dog. In this meeting the trainer will demonstrate what the dog has learned so far and transition the new skills to you to continue working on at home.  You can schedule as many of these sessions as you like. If we have been working with your dog while attending daycare, this might be a good time for the trainer to recommend you transition to Manners Practice sessions where a member of our daycare team can continue to reinforce these behaviors on days your dog attends daycare.

How do I get started?

  1. Register online. On the dog training registration page, select the number of sessions  you are interested in and answer a few questions about your dog.
  2. If we are conducting day training at our daycare, our office will email you information aobut the daycare and suggested times to conduct the dog evaluation and observation day of daycare. Daycare evaluations are conducted during these times:
    • Weekdays at 9am and 4pm and Weekends at 10am and 3pm
    • Complete the paperwork before your evaluation. A daycare registration packet will be emailed to you to fill out and bring with you to your evaluation.
    • Arrive to your daycare evaluation on time. Evaluations are scheduled at specific times of the day in order to maintain a structured day for the dogs and ensure they have time for all their scheduled activities. If you are running behind, please give us a courtesy call so that we can either hold your spot or reschedule for another time. If you are more than 10 minutes late to your evaluation, we will need to reschedule.
    • Bring paperwork and vaccinations to your evaluation. Required vaccinations: Bordatella, DHPP, Rabies. You may also have your vet fax them to 703-933-1938 before your evaluation.
    • If your dog does not pass the daycare evaluation or if after the observation day of daycare, the daycare environment is too stressful for your dog, we can conduct the day training at your home or discuss other training options, such as private in-home training, or privates at our training school.
  3. A trainer will call you. This conversation will confirm your training goals and whether day training is the right fit. The trainer will also schedule the Initial Day Training Consult with you at this time.

Don't see the behavior you want to work on? Email us to discuss whether Day Training or another one of our training options is right for you.