Puppy & Levels Program Information

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What is Levels Training?
This is a unique teaching structure that allows you the flexibility to progress through the training program at your own pace - unique to both you and your dog. In this program, each level focuses on a core set of behaviors and each level builds upon the previous level. Once you have demonstrated you have mastered the behaviors in your level, you’re ready to advance to the next level.

What are the advantages of Levels Training?
All incoming students attend an orientation when they enroll in the program. Orientation lasts approximately 90 minutes and is for people only, please leave dogs at home. Orientations are held every 2 weeks, allowing you to get started training sooner rather than later. In addition, you register for a membership, rather than a series of classes. You may select a 2 month, 4 month, or 6 month membership and can attend class as often as you like for the level you are currently enrolled. For example, both our Level 1 and Level 2 classes are taught twice per week.  If you can't make it one night, you can come the other night - or both!  You get to come as often as you wish, unlike conventional 8 week classes where if you miss a class you fall behind. This flexibility is the key difference between conventional classes and the levels program.  

How much does it cost?

Membership Price
2 Month $255
4 Month $450
6 Month $610
1 Month Extension $110

What if I want to continue once my membership is up?
We encourage you to extend your membership. In fact that is another advantage over conventional classes, where once class ends the only way you can continue is to advance to the next class or re-enroll in the same class. In the Levels program you can continue with your training without missing a beat and advance to the next level when you and your dog are ready. It’s easy to extend your membership in 1 month increments for as often as you like and you do not have to start at level 1 again, or attend another orientation.

How many levels are there and what do you learn in each level?
There are 4 levels. The younger dogs begin in Puppy and graduate to Adolescent while dogs older than 6 months begin in Level 1 and graduate to Level 2. From there, all dogs then graduate to Level 3 and Level 4. Each level focuses on a specific set of behaviors and each level becomes increasingly more difficult, providing you more practice to build and strengthen behaviors that were taught in previous levels. Each class is 50 minutes in length.

Puppy Level
Teaches young dogs (less than 6 months of age) optimal socialization skills and basic manners. Emphasis is placed on building confidence in your puppy using positive reinforcement interactions with other puppies, people, and the environment. Puppies will graduate to the Adolescent Level. Students in the puppy level are encouraged to take advantage of our Saturday morning Puppy Socials for additional socialization opportunities. To register for Puppy class, register for a Levels Orientation - Puppy.

Adolescent Level
Focuses on dog manners with emphasis on impulse control and focus exercises. In this level, we use a continuous reward schedule with the primary reward being food. We work on strengthening attention behaviors, transition from hand signal to verbal cues, expand upon recalls and polite greetings, and leash manners. Dogs in the Adolescent Level will graduate to Level 3.

Level 1
Teaches dogs (older than 6 months of age) the basics of reward based training. We use a continuous reward schedule. The primary reward is food and it is used to establish a positive relationship between you and your dog. Our goal is to build a solid foundation for attention, use of hand signals, polite greetings, and lay a foundation for recalls. To register for Level 1, register for a Levels Orientation - Adult.

Level 2
Focuses on dog manners.  In this level, we use a continuous reward schedule with the primary reward being food.  We work on strengthening attention behaviors, transition from hand signal to verbal cues, expand upon recalls and polite greetings, and leash manners.

Level 3
Introduces a higher level of complexity through the use of distance and distractions.  In this level we transition to an intermittent reward schedule and expand our rewards to include food, play, and praise.  We continue to strengthen behaviors for attention, leash manners, recalls, and we introduce games and fun tricks.

Level 4
For the student that has interest in taking the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. In this level we place more emphasis on real life rewards such as praise and play. We focus on recalls, stay, turns, automatic sits, leash manners, more fun tricks, and the 10 GCG skills necessary to pass the CGC Test. We also increase distractions by working outdoors when possible.

What are the enrollment requirements?
While dogs do not need to be spayed or neutered to attend class, we ask that females in heat do not attend. All dogs must be in good health and free of parasites and infectious diseases. For adolescent and adult dogs we require proof of rabies vaccination and distemper. Bordatella is not required but highly encouraged. For puppies we strongly encourage early socialization, therefore puppies may attend classes if you have made at least one visit to your personal vet and the vet agreed the puppy is in good health. Puppies should have received age-appropriate shots. Most puppies by the age of 9 weeks have had 2 rounds of distemper and seen a vet.

Please note that any concerns about whether your dog is friendly enough to attend a group class should be addressed with the trainer before enrolling.