On Demand Training

On Demand Training is an alternative to Private Training. A member of our Dog Training team will work directly with your dog. This type of training is the perfect solution when:

The Dog Trainer will leave a progress card with notes outlining what they worked on that day. Occasionally, the dog trainer may identify other areas that the training sessions should be focused on that may yield better results with the "problem behaviors" you are facing.

Sessions can be purchased as a 5 or 10 session package. At the conclusion of the package, the trainer will schedule a 30-minute follow-up to review progress and transition the behaviors learned to you, so that you can continue to build on them at home in your day-to-day life.  This final session will take place in person at the facility or at home if you registered for at home training.

Behavior Options

On your registration form, you can prioritize the top 3 behaviors you would like us to work on during the sessions. Some common examples of behaviors are grouped below by themes:

To Register

Determine if you would like us to conduct these at your home or at our facility. Complete the online registration form and payment. The training department will reach out to you to connect you with your trainer if sessions are being conducted at home. If sessions are being conducted at daycare, please schedule daycare or boarding services separately.

What's Included - On Demand Training @ Daycare

Register 5-pack @ Daycare $325

Register 10-pack @ Daycare $550

Register Single Session @ Daycare $50


What's Included - On Demand Training @ Home

Register 5-pack @ Home $475

Register 10-pack @ Home $825

Register Single Session @ Home $75