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Upcoming Events

Meet and Greet Workshop@ 8:30pm register


CGC Prep Workshop@ 8:30pm register


Social Manners I @ 10am register


Meet and Greet Workshop@ 1:00pm register


Levels Orientation @ 9am register


Impulse Control I @ 8:30pm register

7/31 &

Agility Workshop (2 sessions) @ 2pm register


Confidence Building I @ 1:00pm register


CGC Test @ 9:00am register


Recall Games Workshop@ 8:30pm register




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Fur-Get Me Not Commercial

We had the unique opportunity to participate in a study about the effectiveness of commercials on small businesses. This is our 15 second commercial that is scheduled to be aired on your local cable TV in July 31. Here is a sneak peek:

click here to see commercial

Dog Wash in the News

Fox 5 ran a health alert story on bathing dogs with old shampoo. The reporter featured our Dog Wash in Adams Morgan and Steve washing his dog Hunter as background for the story. Another great reason to bring your dog to a professional dog wash facility, as we take precautions to disinfect our tools and tubs between each bath and our shampoos are cycled through frequently. Here is the link:

What's Happening...

Join in on these fun events taking place this month:

  • World Pup Celebration - Friday, July 11 & Sunday, July 13 @ Dog Daycare
  • Charity Dog Wash - Saturday, July 19 @ Adams Morgan Dog Wash
  • Birthday Party - Friday, July 25 @ Dog Daycare
  • Boston Terrier Meetup - Saturday, July 26 from 2:30-4:30pm @ Dog Training School. Sign up at
  • CGC Test - Sunday, 8/3 at 9am @ Dog Training School. Limited spots, register online

Breed Discount Days at the Dog Wash

When: Wednesdays 9am-1pm and Thursdays, 5pm - 8pm
Where: Adams Morgan Dog Wash, 1722 Florida Avenue, Washington DC

With the longer days, we are starting up our breed discount nights again! This year we are expanding the discount to two days each week.

Each week we will select a breed, sometimes a mix, and that breed can come in Wednesday or Thursday and receive a standard wash for $10 - that's 50% off!

Summer Schedule:
July 2/3 - Dachshunds
July 9/10 - Beagles
July 16/17 - Rottweilers
July 22/23 - German Shepherds
July 30/31 - German Shorthaired Pointers













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