Frequently Asked Questions

How old does my dog have to be?

We require that dogs be at least 12 weeks. Puppies are required to have all age-appropriate vaccinations.

What vaccinations do you require?

Distemper, Bordatella, and Rabies (for dogs older than 4 months)

Learn more about Canine Cough and the Bordatella vaccine and influenza for reasons why you might want to ensure your dog is vaccinated for both.

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?

Yes, by the age of 7 months all dogs attending daycare must be spayed or neutered.

Do you take walk-ins?

No. Reservations are required at all times. Our goal is to keep playgroups manageable and prevent overcrowding. We can only accept a specific number of dogs per playgroup on a daily basis and we also need to ensure there is room to accomodate dogs that are boarding with us.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, daycare discounts are available through our monthly memberships. The more your dog attends daycare, the steeper the discount.

How does your monthly membership work?

Memberships start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month. Monthly memberships are available based on the number of days you plan to bring your dog in that month.

Let's say you plan to bring your dog once a week - for example on Tuesdays. We would recommend you buy a Lazy Lab membership (4 days). If there is a fifth Tuesday in the month, you can buy an additional day at the same rate as the Lazy Lab package.

At the beginning of the month, we charge the package price that meets the minimum number of days you typically attend in a given month. If you go over, we charge the discounted rate for those additional days.

You can change the frequency of days you attend in any given month. There is no long term obligation, we only ask that you notify us in advance of any schedule changes.

Can I rollover days remaining on my membership?

No, memberships are heavily discounted based on the number of times you attend each month.

What is your cancellation policy?

Reservations are required at all times. Often we have customers on a wait list. Cancellations must be made by close of business the day prior. Our office is open daily 9AM-5PM, except on holidays. Same day cancellations and no shows will be charged a full day of daycare.

Holiday boarding deposits will not be refunded but can be applied to your next boarding or daycare reservation if you provide at least 10 days notice. We have a limited number of dogs that can board with us and holidays are our busiest time of the year.

What is your holiday schedule?

Our office is closed on holidays. Click here to see our full holiday schedule.

What is your inclement weather policy?

Click here to see our inclement weather policy.

Do you walk the dogs outside?

Yes, we provide outdoor potty breaks - not all dog daycares do. We have a designated area behind our building for this. We take the dogs out in groups for a very short break. It is not meant to be an extended walk but to give your dog the opportunity to relieve themselves outside, get some fresh air, and a break from the social daycare atmosphere.

For a longer walk to a nearby park, we offer an extended walk service. This is an additional fee. You can request this service when you make your reservation.

Do you have toys?

Yes, our playgroups do have toys. We provide balls and tug toys for the dogs to play with each other and our team. We monitor the dogs around toys and if we see any concerns, we may remove the toys from the floor or bring them out for limited times while dogs that may have issues sharing are on a break from group play.

We know some dogs have a challenging time sharing toys but still enjoy the company of people and other dogs. For this reason, we have one playgroup that does not use toys.

Why is my dog thirsty when they come home?

Water is available at all times in all of our playgroups. Playing hard all day is just as strenuous as working out. Even though water is constantly available, after a car ride home, it will probably be time for your dog to drink some more water to help re-hydrate after a hard day of play.

What if my dog is sick, can they attend daycare or board?

The short answer is no.

If your dog is diagnosed with a contagiuos illness such as canine cough, hookworms, giardia, or puppy warts, please do not bring your dog to daycare or boarding. These are highly contagious illnesses and given the nature of off-leash open daycare play groups, it is highly likely to jeopardize the health of other dogs. If your dog is diagnosed with any of these health conditions, your vet will advise that they self-isolate until your dog is not at risk to easily spread the illness to others. Once your vet determines your dog is no longer contagious and approves your dog to be around other dogs again, it is safe to return to daycare.

If your dog is diagnosed, please follow your vet's advice. In order to be admitted back to daycare, please have your vet complete the following health affirmation form.

What happens if my dog gets injured?

Off leash group play involves some inherent risk. We require every dog to be evaluated before they can attend daycare or board with us. This first step helps us to identify the dogs that are most suited and relaxed in a dog daycare environment.

Just like people, not every dog is completely themselves nor can we get a complete understanding of your dog in a short evaluation. We prioritize our playgroups based on play style and monitor behavior daily. We communicate any concerns with those customers and if we find behavior continues to worsen despite our best efforts, we have no choice but to dismiss a dog from daycare.

Even with these efforts, there are times when dogs may not agree, or play escalates, and a scuffle breaks out. We will notify the customers of the dogs involved and if medical attention is necessary we will provide transportation to the nearest vet. There are also times when dogs jump and land wrong or simply injure themselves with minor scrapes in normal play which is similar to a child on a playground. Customers are financially responsible for any medical treatment.

How are you different from a traditional kennel?

Many "traditional" kennels typically leave the dogs in an individual cage or "run" most of the day. They may be let out briefly or placed in an outdoor "run" a couple of times a day. The dogs at traditional kennels usually do not interact with other dogs.

When your dog boards with us, they get all the playtime that our regular daycare dogs receive. This means they are out of the crate and playing from 7AM-7PM with the exception of a 2 hour naptime in the middle of the day.

Does anyone stay overnight with the dogs?

No but we do have security, fire alarms, video cameras, and our building is temperature controlled. If there are any issues, we have an on-call manager on duty at all times. Dogs are securely kenneled at night in professional modular cages.

If your dog requires overnight monitoring, the best options to look at are in-home pet sitting (which we provide for clients in our service area) or boarding at a veterinary hospital.