Service Rate
Dog Evaluation
one time non-refundable registration fee for new clients, due at time of booking the evaluation. Conducted M-F at 9am and 4pm and weekends 10am and 3pm. Please call to reserve your appointment.
Half Day
up to 6 hours
Full Day
more than 6 hours
Full Day for VIP and Premier Dog Walking Customers
more than 6 hours
Lazy Lab
4 day membership
$148 / $37 day
Playful Pug
8 day membership
$288 / $36 day
Barking Beagle
12 day membership
$420 / $35 day
Rowdy Retriever
16 day membership
$544/ $34 day
Ultimate Socialite
unlimited daycare
$644 / $23 day
Multi-Dog Households
discount for additional dog

Late Charge
if not picked up by closing time. Dogs not picked up within 30 minutes of closing will be boarded and client will be responsible for additional boarding fees.

$1 / minute

Early Drop-off
need to get to work faster? We offer early drop off between 6:30-7am (weekdays only). We are generally tending to boarded dogs during this time, so it is important to inform us in advance.

(free for Ultimate Socialites)


Boarding packages include the cost of daycare except on day of pickup.

Service Rate
Havanese Holiday
3 nights or less
$63 / night
Golden Getaway
4-7 nights
$60 / night
Cruising Collie
8-11 nights
$57 / night
Vacationing Vizsla
12-15 nights
$54 / night
Hibernating Hound
16 nights or more
$51 / night
Ultimate Sleepover
additional nightly boarding cost on top of daycare rates for Ultimate Socialites and VIP/Premier Dog Walking Customers
$24 / night
Boarding Pickup
pick-up before 9:30am at no charge for daycare, otherwise a half day rates apply, regardless of what time you pick up that day.
Holiday Boarding Deposit
a non-refundable boarding deposit collected at the time of reservation in order to guarantee space and will be applied towards your reservation. (holiday schedule)
Holiday Boarding Surcharge
an additional holiday surcharge will be applied to your reservation for dogs boarding during holidays when our daycare is closed to the public. (holiday schedule)
$10 / night


Add any of these services on to your dog's daycare or boarding stay.

Service Rate

Extended Walk
15 minute individualized walk with a member of our team for added socialization and enjoyment outdoors. This service is especially beneficial for dogs that are overly stimulated in the dog daycare environment, dogs that are shy and could benefit from added socialization, and dogs that are boarding with us for an extended period of time.


Manners Practice
15 minute individualized session with your dog where a member of our daycare team will practice basic manners your dog has already learned. Our Daycare team will reinforce already established behaviors such as sit, down, come when called, attention, walking nicely on leash, and polite greetings.

If you would like a member of our training team to work with your dog, check out our Training Camp. These are more comprehensive training packages. Treats are provided but if your dog has a sensitive stomach you may want to supply the treats.


Enrichment Activity
10 minute individualized session where your dog will be given additional mental stimulation with an opportunity to interact with various puzzle toys, activity mat, or novel equipment. Treats are provided but if your dog has a sensitive stomach you may want to supply the treats.


Pet Taxi
taxi your dog to our daycare (within a 5 mile radius) or take your pet to the vet. Each additional mile is $1. Vet appointments are additionally charged as pet sits for each 30 minute block of time the sitter is at the vet office.

$20 each way

Pet Taxi Package
purchase 10 pet taxis at a discounted rate to be used within 60 days


choice of gourmet treat locally made or stuffed kong

$2 / treat

Luxury Bedding
upgrade to a soft luxury bed for your dog to sleep on while crated overnight

$2 / night

Premium Bedding
upgrade to a Kuranda cot (limited availability)

$3.50 / night

send your dog home clean and smelling good. Included: wash, choice of shampoo, ear wipes, eye wipes, and fragrant spritz.


Nail Trim


Spa Package
includes bath, nail trim, and dessert


* Bath and Spa Services - We exclusively use high-quality earthbath shampoos made of all natural, non-toxic, paraben free, phthalate free, and phosphate free shampoos made in the USA with human-grade ingredients and pure essential oils.

Your choice of shampoo:

  • Fragrance: Mango Tango (2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner)
  • Fragrance: Puppy (mild with cherry scent)
  • Fragrance: Coat Brightener (lavender scent)
  • Odor Control & Natural Flea & Tick: Mediterranean (rosemary)
  • Odor Control & Natural Flea & Tick: Orange Oil
  • Odor Control & Natural Flea & Tick: Eucalyptus & Peppermint
  • Skin Issues: Hypo-allergenic (allergies)
  • Skin Issues: Oatmeal & Aloe Vera (itching and dry skin)